Installing Dallinger with Anaconda

If you are interested in Dallinger and use Anaconda, you’ll need to adapt the standard instructions slightly.

Install psycopg2

In order to get the correct bindings, you need to install psycopg2 before installing Dallinger.

conda install psycopg2
conda install Dallinger[data]

The [data] optional extra makes sure that all the data analysis dependencies are installed.

Confirm Dallinger works

Now, we need to make sure that Dallinger and Anaconda play nice with one another. At this point, we’d check to make sure that Dallinger is properly installed by typing

dallinger --version

into the command line. You may get a long error message. Don’t panic! Add the following to your .bash_profile:


After you source your .bash_profile, you can check your Dallinger version (using the same command that we used earlier), which should return the Dallinger version that you’ve installed.