Python moduleΒΆ

Dallinger experiments can be run through a high-level Python API.

import dallinger

experiment = dallinger.experiments.Bartlett1932()
data ={

All parameters in config.txt and .dallingerconfig can be specified in the configuration dictionary passed to the run function. The return value is an object that allows you to access all the Dallinger data tables in a variety of useful formats. Here are all the tables:

data.infos data.networks data.nodes data.notifications data.participants data.questions data.transformations data.transmissions data.vectors

For each of these tables, e.g. networks, you can access it in a variety of formats, including:

data.networks.csv    # Comma-separated value
data.networks.dict   # Python dictionary
data.networks.df     # pandas DataFrame
data.networks.html   # HTML table
data.networks.latex  # LaTeX table
data.networks.list   # Python list
data.networks.ods    # OpenDocument Spreadsheet
data.networks.tsv    # Tab-separated values
data.networks.xls    # Legacy Excel spreadsheet
data.networks.xlsx   # Modern Excel spreadsheet
data.networks.yaml   # YAML

Note that, at the moment, only the Bartlett1932 demo can be run in this way.