Demoing Dallinger

First, make sure you have Dallinger installed:

To test out Dallinger, we’ll run a demo experiment in debug mode. First download the Bartlett (1932) demo and unzip it. Then run Dallinger in debug mode from within that demo directory:

dallinger debug

You will see some output as Dallinger loads. When it is finished, you will see something that looks like:

12:00:00 PM web.1    |  2017-01-01 12:00:00,000 New participant requested:

and your browser should automatically open to this URL. You can start interacting as the first participant in the experiment.

In the terminal, press Ctrl+C to exit the server.

Help, the experiment page is blank! This may happen if you are using an ad-blocker. Try disabling your ad-blocker and refresh the page.